This app generates passwords made of random words instead of random characters and symbols. This makes the passwords both more secure (because we pull from about 7,000 words compared to the 90 possible symbols) and easier to remember—no more "hek2aCa87x.;s"-style passwords. The downside is that it makes your passwords somewhat longer, but it’s totally worth it. This methodology was inspired by the Diceware Password System

Generate a Password

Password: A new password will appear here each time you click "Generate!".

How secure is this?

The password is generated entirely on your computer—it’s never sent over the internet—so you don’t have to worry about someone intercepting it. In that sense, this app totally secure.

But the security of these passwords also depends on the app being able to choose which words will go into the password in a way that’s random or very close to random. To do this, the app asks your computer for a series of random numbers. Unfortunately, most computers can’t provide it with truly random numbers; instead they provide “pseudo-random” numbers. The security of this app, then, depends on how close to random these pseudo-random numbers actually are. Your web browser claims that it’s using a pseudo-random number generator, so .

The curious can also inspect the code for more information.